Getting Here & Away

Taxis are readily available within most parts of Puerto Rico. Driving is like that in the mainland U.S. Distances are marked in kilometers (one km. equals 0.6 miles). A valid American state-side driver’s license is legal to use in Puerto Rico, so car rentals are a great way to get around.

Prepare for your Trip


Average temperatures around 82-85 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Light clothing and resort wear is recommended.


Puerto Rico is a US territory and electricity is 110 volts, 60 cycles. Europe/UK visitors are recommended to bring adequate adapters

Evening Attire

Casual elegance is the appropriate dress code in evenings. Most places do require long pants and button down, collar shirts for gentlemen, and no beach wear at night time. Same attire for ladies applies: skirts, blouses, dresses, slacks but no shorts. Dress jeans are acceptable.


Puerto Rico’s languages are Spanish and English. While Spanish is the island’s primary language, English is widely spoken, especially in the tourist areas.


You will find most religious denominations with English services on weekends. Predominantly, Puerto Rico has a large Catholic population, however there are many Protestant churches present as well.

Sun Protection

Even though most visitors may be accustomed to the sun, Puerto Rico’s sun is much stronger than in the USA. Please ensure that you apply plenty of sunscreen protection and hydrate properly.


US Dollars, ATM Cards